WhatsApp increases EU age limit to 16 as GDPR approaches

WhatsAppMessaging service WhatsApp has made updates to its terms of service and its privacy policy for users within the European Union (EU) ahead of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (commonly known as GDPR).

One significant step the platform is taking is to increase the minimum user age to 16 – having previously allowed teens as young as 13 to use its service. Outside of the EU, the age limit will remain at 13.

The Facebook app has also setup an entity within the EU to focus on implementing these different terms and “to meet the new high standards of transparency” that WhatsApp claims it will provide for its EU users.

With the updated policies, WhatsApp has made it clearer how it works with other Facebook companies, stating the information shared between itself and Facebook’s other companies is used to improve its service and keep it safe through infrastructure, technology, and systems.

WhatsApp has also reiterated that every message and call on its platform is end-to-end encrypted. Although, it will soon give users the opportunity to download and see the “limited data” it collects on its users. This feature will not only be available for EU citizens but for the entire world.