Which Way? My Way

6680_navigationFinnish company Tracker has unveiled My Way, a GPS navigation system that works on a mobile phone. My Way uses a small, lightweight GPS receiver which communicates with the handset via Bluetooth to display maps showing the users current position. The system can be used for in-car and topographical navigation, and even at sea. It is sold with a 512MB memory card containing road maps for the country in question. Topographical and nautical maps can be downloaded from a dedicated website, enabling sailors and hikers to download maps of the area they are visiting in advance of the journey.
In addition to its mapping capabilities, the system can also display an onscreen compass, and if two users are using the system, it also has a Find a Friend capability, enabling one user to pinpoint the location of another. Tracker sells versions of the GPS device that can be worn on a collar, to track the location of a pet dog; on a belt, to monitor a childs location; and also a magnetic version that attaches to the underside of a car, for vehicle tracking. In this mode, the user can set an alarm to sound on the mobile if the vehicle moves from its current position.
This means that if your car was stolen, you could ring the police and tell them where to look for it says Tracker Vice President, Jaane Maijala.
My Way works on Symbian Series 60 (mainly Nokia) phones and on some Sony-Ericsson and Motorola devices. My Ways UK distributor, EasyLink, says the system should be on sale in UK stores within the next four weeks, priced at less then 350 (240).