Whiskey brand Jameson launches responsible drinking campaign

Irish whiskey brand Jameson has launched a responsible drinking campaign as part of its commitment to tackling overconsumption and alcohol misuse. ‘Jameson. Easy Does It’ promotes responsible drinking by encouraging people toward more mindful, moderate consumption and reinforces the message that whether you measure, sip, or skip, no one should feel awkward for doing so.

Developed with creative agency TBWA Dublin, the campaign launches in Ireland today before being rolled out across global markets later this year on TV, digital and social.

Co-written by and starring comedian Aisling Bea, the campaign showcases a number of typical social drinking scenarios consumers can find themselves in when they choose to moderate or skip a drink. Bringing to light the perceived societal pressures that lead to overconsumption, it encourages drinkers to forget the feeling of FOMO and embrace moderation, measurement, or abstinence.  

Speaking on her involvement, Bea said: “It has always been my belief that comedy can help shift cultural taboos and can be used to turn an unpopular topic into one we can talk about and effect change. So, I was delighted when Jameson asked me to write their responsible drinking advert, not just because I have grown to love working with the company and knew they would let me lean in to comedy for it, but also because I truly believe that they, as a drinks company, want to be part of the evolution of how we drink and how we savour not just their product, but also life. The fun part of the challenge was to take the word ‘responsible’ and make it less ominous and more about simple mindset changes.” 

Brendan Buckley, International Marketing Director at Irish Distillers added: “Jameson is committed to promoting responsible drinking among consumers. Our aim is to resonate with every kind of drinker by talking about a serious subject in a relatable, and authentic way, reflecting the attitude of the brand. We hope our message is crystal clear – you don’t need to drink to enjoy yourself.”