Whitepaper Highlights MSM Benefits

Market intelligence firm IDC has published a Whitepaper on Mobile Software Management (MSM), sponsored by Red Bend Software. The Whitepaper, Beyond FOTA: Advancing Mobile Software Management to Next-Generation Services, describes how the mobile ecosystem can remotely manage software assets on mobile devices by adopting new standards and deploying new technologies, and concludes that MSM can create new revenue opportunities for mobile operators, device manufacturers and software developers.
IDC found that for network operators, MSM offers the ability to create new revenue opportunities in services and applications, and to improve consumer satisfaction, without having to rely on the release cycles of device OEMs, ISVs and standards bodies.
For OEMs, MSM offers the means to improve brand loyalty, through support for new, innovative and consumer-demanded Internet services and applications after the devices ship. For ISVs, it offers the ability to manage applications on mobile devices, independent of hardware maintenance release schedules, and the ability to reach new consumer markets and operators. And for consumers, MSM-enabled devices can be easily customised and personalised with software, services and features, allowing them to download the latest applications and subscribe to new mobile services.
MSM can offer compelling advantages for the mobile ecosystem with the benefit of additional revenue streams in selling applications, software and services as well as improvements in the user experience of mobile devices, says IDC Analyst Stephen D. Drake, who co-authored the Whitepaper along with fellow IDC Analyst Sean Ryan. These factors, along with giving consumers greater control over personalising their mobile phones, can all translate into higher consumer satisfaction, resulting in a more dedicated following in the highly competitive mobile market,
Red Bends vRapid Mobile is a cross-platform, standards-based MSM solution that Red Bend says gives the mobile value chain complete flexibility over updating, adding, changing and removing individual software components over-the-air on any mobile phone or device at any point during the device lifetime. vRapid Mobile is a standalone MSM client that leverages existing DM server solutions, supports the new Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Software Component Management Object (SCOMO).
standard, and uses its own agent to install/uninstall, activate/deactivate, update, and deliver applications and/or their dependencies. vRapid Mobile also identifies software inventory and manages dependencies between applications and software components, regardless of memory location.
The new SCOMO standard, which is central to Mobile Software Management, is designed to manage individual software components over the air. Software components can range from mobile applications and middleware to browser plug-ins and UI (User Interface) elements. Firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updating, which is based on OMAs Firmware Update Management Object (FUMO) standard, is used to update the entire image at one time.
You can download the Whitepaper here.