Who Loves Ya Baby?

Mobile content delivery company iTAGG  has launched an anonymous Valentines Day SMS text service that will enables consumers to send text messages to a friend or lover while concealing  their identity, or to send fake valentines messages from their favourite celebrity.
To use the service, users text the word Valentine, followed by the name of the person they want the message to appear to come from, their friend or lovers mobile number, and their Valentine message, to the shortcode, 83248. The text will arrive on the recipients phone on Valentines Day morning. The service will be charged at 50p per text message sent, with a maximum sender ID of 11 characters.
You might choose to wind your friend up by sending them a Valentines text from Dave in accounts, or you might be Dave in accounts and want to make your colleagues jealous by showing them a text youve received from David Beckham or Paris Hilton both infamous users of mobile for romantic purposes says iTAGG CEO Steve Procter. Of course, for true romantics there is also the option to send a traditional Valentines message but with a modern twist.
Sounds to us like one of those ideas that could ruin more relationships than it kindles, but theres no denying the enthusiasm for Valentines Day texting. ITAGG says it expects over 90m texts to be sent on February 14th this year, compared to the 12 million cards the Royal Mail expects to deliver.
More information about the service is available on a dedicated page on the iTAGG website.