Whoop launches Whoop Coach generative AI feature

Whoop, the self-styled “human performance company”, has launched Whoop Coach, a generative AI feature that takes an in-depth knowledge of a Whoop member’s goals, their unique biometric data, and the latest performance science and generates highly individualised, conversational responses to their health and fitness questions, within seconds. 

Whoop has long leveraged the power of machine learning to help members better understand their data. Now it is taking things a step further with the incorporation of GPT-4, OpenAI’s most advanced generative AI system.

“There’s been a lot of hype about the promise of AI,” said Will Ahmed, Founder & CEO of Whoop. “Whoop Coach actually delivers on it. With the launch of Whoop Coach, we’re now offering on-demand, personalised health and fitness coaching. This is the first of its kind and it will transform our members’ relationship with their data.” 

Whoop Coach was developed to reimagine how members receive recommendations and guidance on their health and fitness. Whoop Coach takes proprietary Whoop algorithms, a custom-built machine learning model, the latest in performance science and research, and a member’s unique biometric data to identify patterns and connections in their Whoop Recovery, Strain, Sleep, Health, and Stress data. Using OpenAI’s deep learning technology, Whoop Coach can then produce responses to each member’s health and fitness questions instantly in over 50 different languages. 

The more data a member shares on Whoop, the more effective and pointed Whoop Coach becomes. Members who track over 140 custom behaviours in their Whoop Journal – from diet to medication – can unlock highly individualised insights to see how those behaviours affect their physiological metrics.

“Integrating AI into the health and personal performance space can enable even more value from wearable technology,” said Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI (and long-time Whoop member). “Whoop Coach is an exciting application of GPT-4, and we’re eager to learn from Whoop members on how our models are helping to unlock human performance.” 

Whoop Coach provides members with behaviour-changing benefits including bespoke training plans and recommendations. Members can ask Whoop Coach to build them a training programme to help them run 5K in 24 minutes in a month’s time, or ask it how they can maintain their fitness level with a newborn baby? It will also respond to queries such as: ‘Why am I so tired? Am I getting sick?’ and ‘How does my sleep compare to other people of my age?’

Whoop Coach is now available in the Whoop app. If members prefer to not use the feature, they can turn it off in Settings.