Why Zoomd launched Skipper to make Mobile UA a smooth (and profitable) journey

Deborah Cohen, VP, Customer Success Manager at Zoomd, explains how navigating the overwhelming User Acquisition ocean can become smooth sailing with Skipper, a self-serve platform that was developed by Zoomd, to make the lives of campaign managers easier.

If you’ve been feeling like user acquisition keeps getting more complex and time-consuming, and that your campaign managers might be running campaigns on platforms they aren’t experts in yet, you’re not alone. It takes too much time to learn the ins and outs of all your ad managers – and then they redesign or change the rules. Plus, even when you’ve got that part down, you still need to set up campaigns, make sense of all kinds of different reports, and somehow create a holistic strategy to act on these reports, not to mention manually execute your strategy.

It’s too much.

That’s exactly why we set sail on Skipper. We knew there had to be a better way. We started our journey by researching the industry. The intention was to figure out what was already out there and what was missing. We talked to top–tier advertisers and enlisted our very own Campaign Managers. Then we bottled all this knowledge into one product we’ve seen move the needle time and time again.

Skipper takes the most common channels – including TikTok, Google Ads a Facebook and Instagram, to name a few – and puts them in one centralized, easy-to-manage dashboard to make your life easier. A quick setup for each channel and then you get actionable reports from all your channels on one dashboard. Moreover, you can optimize campaigns within the reports themselves by clicking a couple of buttons.

And it gets better: Skipper automates campaign decisions (change bids; turn off campaigns; reallocate budgets from one channel to another and more) based on rules you set in advance. Skipper turns marketers into efficient captains because it was created by campaign managers for campaign managers.

Centralize the biggest channels on one intuitive dashboard
In today’s landscape, your app must show up everywhere that matters to your audience – and that can feel like literally everywhere. Your audience members hop between TikTok, Instagram and Google. They navigate a sea of additional channels, too. Wherever they go, they’re eager to engage with resources – like apps – that get them.

The pressure is especially high because your competitors’ ads are likely already on their feeds, and the attempt to catch up can feel exhausting. Skipper lets you take back control of this ship. It provides one dashboard for all channels without needing to master any of them:

=> Click one link to set up your campaign.

=> Store all your creatives under one roof.

It takes away so much of the pressure.

=> No need to learn the ins and outs of every ad manager, not at the beginning and not when they redesign.

=> No need to log in and out to get this creative from one platform and upload it to another one. You have one campaign manager interface for all channels, and that’s it.

Skipper simplifies the process and frees you up for what really matters – like optimizing your performance.

Optimize ads right from your actionable reports
Maybe you’re like us. You know, you love your data. You can analyze it until you accidentally notice the lights are out and no one else is in the office anymore. Maybe you’re the complete opposite. Either way, you know data is essential… if it’s actionable.

If we take no action, we’re left with math games that lead nowhere. Sure, they’re fun (for some of us), but at the end of the day, we need those users acquired to grow our apps (and our careers). That’s why we made sure you won’t only get accurate reports from across your channels on one dashboard, but you can also optimize ads right from the reports themselves.

=> Identify metrics that matter to you.

=> When the reports don’t provide the results you aimed for, change the campaigns from the reports themselves. This way, you won’t need to click backward and forward to other parts of the platform.

The actionable reports allow you to optimize your:

=> Budget

=> Bid

=> Creative

… and even activate campaigns right from the reports.

Oh, and we also help you automate these optimizations.

Automate campaign decisions to save time
There’s nothing like setting a great strategy, a goal – then reaching the campaign results you desired (and/or promised your boss). It can be tempting to sit by your computer refreshing your dashboard all day long. After all, you’ve put a bunch of work into your UA campaign, and yeah, you have a budget to maintain. You need to know whether you’re meeting or exceeding your ROAS goal, or, unfortunately, not… so you can adjust your strategy and budget.

But assuming you have many campaigns going on a variety of channels, manually playing around with budgets and bids easily eats up your time. Instead, just automate.

Create a set of rules that define what makes a great campaign, and what to do if things don’t go as planned. Then, let Skipper automatically execute these rules for you.

=> Skipper automatically analyzes campaign results for you (results from all channels are visible on one dashboard).

=> Then, it immediately adjusts your campaigns according to the rules you set in advance. No more missing out on users, or losing the budget you worked so hard to obtain because you dared to sleep.

Skipper’s automation includes:

=> Campaigns and ad groups: Automatically increase or decrease your bid or budget, or turn off the campaign/group altogether.

=> Keywords: Automatically increase or decrease your budget.

=> Ad: Turn it off automatically if it doesn’t reach its goal.

And that’s not the only way you can take good care of your budget with Skipper.

Reallocate your budget in the most efficient way
If your brand shows up holistically across channels, your budget needs to do the same. With Skipper, you keep all your UA campaigns from all channels on one dashboard, and you can automatically change budget allocation from one channel to another.

No more manually slowing down campaigns after checking their results a hundred times, then manually reviewing the rest of your campaigns to decide, each time from scratch, which one gets the newly available budget. Instead:

=> Set some rules in the automation suite for daily budgets and desired performance.

=> Skipper analyzes it all for you.

=> It automatically reallocates the budget to the most relevant channel (or channels) based on the rules you set in advance.

You don’t necessarily have to turn off campaigns this way. You can give them another chance and just lower the budget. You can always change the rules later – you’re the captain of this platform.

It’s time to unleash your campaign’s potential
Skipper gives you 360-degree visibility and clarity amidst an ocean of 16 channels and over 20 data and media management tools. Among others, those include TikTok, Apple search ads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Ads, ironSource, and integrations to the leading MMPs – AppsFlyer and Adjust. Quickly set up an intuitive, centralized dashboard, that makes it easy for you to zoom in on the details that matter to you most. Just as importantly, it lets you automate budget allocation and download generation.

Ready to save time and money while maximizing results?

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