Widespace Launches BrandView Pilot

David Murphy

[caption id="attachment_55420" align="alignleft" width="150"]Mobile ad Telegraph March 2015 Advertisers want reassurance that their ad is being seen in a brand-safe environment[/caption]

Mobile ad firm Widespace has launched BrandView, which it says addresses the problems of viewability and brand safety in mobile advertising. The company says that delivers 100 per cent viewable ads that are optimised based on relevance and delivered to unique users across premium apps and sites. Advertisers will only pay for ads that are viewed in a brand-safe environment.

“Viewability is a hot topic, but we must remember that it’s not the holy grail for creating brand engagement,” said Widespace CEO, Patrik Fagerlund. “We’re convinced it’s a synergy effect of viewability and relevancy that really drives brand metrics. BrandView is a step forward, changing the way mobile media is measured and transacted.”

Widespace is piloting BrandView in selected markets now, with a broader rollout planned later in the year.