Widex adds Android streaming capability to Moment hearing aid range

Hearing aid maker Widex USA has added streaming capabilities to its Widex Moment family of devices. Widex Moment hearing aid users can now stream music, calls, and other content seamlessly from Android smartphones thanks to an upgrade in the Widex Moment App.

V1.4 of the Widex Moment App supports Google’s Android Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) standard, allowing Widex Moment hearing aids to function like traditional Bluetooth headsets and earbuds. Android streaming is a critical feature for consumers who rely on their hearing aids throughout the day, but still want to be able to take calls and listen to music or podcasts.

Widex Moment hearing aids also support the ability to stream from Apple iOS devices. And when used in conjunction with Widex’s DEX range of wireless accessories, Widex Moment wearers can stream audio directly from other hardware devices, including TVs, radios and smart speakers.

To access the streaming capabilities, the user’s Android smartphone must be running Android 11 or later and Bluetooth 5.0. All new Widex Moment connected hearing aids will come with Android compatibility. Current Widex Moment hearing aid wearers can enjoy Android streaming through an upgrade to the Widex Moment App version 1.4, now available in the Google Play app store.

“Support for Android in our award-winning Widex Moment product line is a game-changer,” said Widex Product Manager, Nancy Bridges. “Now, Widex wearers can experience a more natural-sounding hearing aid while simultaneously enjoying the convenience of direct streaming from their Android smartphone. This combination of natural sound and seamless streaming will further enhance use and enjoyment of Widex Moment hearing aids.”