WIN Achieves Payforit V2 Compliance

David Murphy

WIN plc, which provides interactive mobile entertainment and information services, has launched one of the first payment platforms compliant with Payforit V2, the UK mobile operator backed payment system.
WINs updated platform is accredited by all the UK mobile operators to provide the payment engine for WAP transactions. The Payforit process makes it easy for customers to see the costs they are incurring and seeks to replace Premium SMS services, where costs are less transparent.
Payforit V2 incorporates two new features to enhance existing mobile payment services - the Shopping Basket and Single Click. Shopping Basket allows multiple products to be selected with one single payment at the end of the shopping experience, while Single Click provides a fast check-out process for registered users.
WIN notes that clarity of payment is seen as fundamental to the growth of mobile entertainment, music and services, and says that the service clearly marks prices and gives consumers the same shopping experience on their mobile phone that they have on the Internet, with multiple payment methods, including a shopping basket and a single click option.
Our new Payforit V2 compliant platform offers consumers an intuitive and easy-to-use method to pay for items on their mobile, says WINs MD, New Media, Sally Weatherall. Our infrastructure provides the transaction process, payment, monitoring and reporting services that operators need, coupled with the ease of use and transparency that consumers require.