Windows 10 Rolls Out to Tablet and Desktop

Windows 10Nearly a year after it was first announced, the latest version of Microsofts OS has started rolling out to users.

Windows 10 is being offered as a free upgrade to any tablets as well as PCs running Windows 7 or 8. Windows 10 isnt currently available on smartphones, nor is there an official launch date. Once it does arrive, though, Windows 10 Mobile will be offered as a free upgrade to Lumia owners – for the majority of handset models, at least.

In its launch announcement, Microsoft reiterated its commitment to Windows 10 cross-platform support: “Our vision was one platform, one store, and one experience that extends across the broadest range of devices from the smallest screens to the largest screens to no screens at all.”

The first set of reviews suggest that, at least on desktop, Windows 10 will be greeted more warmly than its predecessor. Last October, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella admitted: “Lets face it, we got some things wrong in Windows 8.”

The companys mobile business, which it acquired from Nokia in April 2014, has undergone two major staff cuts since – the latest, with 7,800 jobs cut, just three weeks ago. The OS holds a three per cent market share in the US, according to comScore, and though Windows Phone has performed better in some European markets, including Italy and France, the future doesnt look too bright for the business. Only time will tell whether Windows 10 can turn those fortunes around.