Windows Phone 8 Gets Shazammed

Shazam has brought its media discovery app to Windows Phone 8.

As well as the usual music and TV tagging functions, the app features social sharing, local tags, and lyrics, reviews, and bios for tagged tracks.

This version also takes advantage of WP8s tile-based UI by including a tagging button which can be pinned to the homescreen – cutting down on the time spent fumbling for the app as the track you want to identify finished. The app also enables users to buy the tracks theyve tagged from Microsofts Xbox Music and, on Nokia WP8 devices, Nokia Music.

Its surprising that it took so long for Shazam to come to WP8, given that the OS launched back in October 2012. Compared with the recent overhaul received by Shazams iOS apps – none of which updated functionality is included in this version, its worth noting – its apparent that, despite Microsofts commitment to attracting a wider range of apps, there is still a preference for the Big Two platforms, and iOS in particular.