WinPhone 7 Tops Smaatos Clickthrough Rankings

Mobile ad firm Smaato has released its latest metrics, for Q1 2011. The metrics rank smartphone operating systems by clickthrough rate (CTR). They reveal that Windows Phone 7 and Nokia’s Symbian OS are the top performing operating systems in mobile advertising, while Android remains at the bottom of the list.

They also reveal that the average fill rates of the top 40 global mobile ad networks varied from 69 per cent at the top end, to just 1 per cent at the bottom. Taken as an average, global fill rates dropped to 20 per cent, compared to 23 per cent a year ago. In the US, the top 20 ad networks had an average fill rate of 23 per cent in Q1 2011.

The number of ad networks connected to Smaatos SOMA platform has doubled from Q1 2010, from 30, to over 60. Additionally, the monthly average ad request volume increased five-fold, from 6bn in April 2010, to over 30bn in Q1 2011.

“The market has grown dramatically in the past year, and as ad networks have become more specific in how they target consumers, the process of monetizing mobile advertising is becoming increasingly fragmented,” says Smaato CEO, Ragnar Kruse. “High fill rates are harder to achieve with only one ad network, so app developers and publishers need to enlist multiple ad networks. This is where ad optimizers such as Smaato come in to aggregate multiple ad networks and maximize the revenue stream through mobile advertising.”

Smaato’s metrics are based on over 150m unique monthly users, over 80 billion ad requests and over 60 connected ad networks delivering mobile advertising in over 220 countries in the first quarter of 2011.

You can download the full report here.