Wireless Leash Gadget Promises to Prevent Phone Loss

A product that sounds an alarm, flashes, and vibrates whenever you walk away from your phone is set to launch in the UK. 

Designed to prevent phones users from leaving their phone behind, the ZOMM Wireless Leash takes the form of a small disc that can be attached to your keychain. It is slightly larger than a £2 coin, according to ZOMM, and it uses Bluetooth to connect to your mobile phone, alerting you when you are parted from it.

By holding down the Leashs multifunctional button, users can also sound a panic alarm. Continuing to hold connects to local emergency services or to a user-defined number.

The ZOMM Wireless Leash also offers a speakerphone with a noise-cancelling microphone. Its battery is chargeable via a Micro USB socket. 

“The Wireless Leash not only offers a simple way for people to avoid losing their phones,” says ZOMM CEO and co-founder Henry Penix, “it also provides a safe way to receive a call while driving, and can be used to protect the vulnerable and support their independent living.”

The current price for the ZOMM Wireless Leash is £69.95. Penix says that the company is in talks with retailers – visit www.zomm.biz for further details.