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Wireless Works Survey

David Murphy

OK, so this is not, strictly speaking, news, but in case you missed it first time round, a survey on mobile phone usage, conducted by Proximity Worldwide and BBDO Europe earlier this year among over 3,000 consumers in 15 different countries, threw up some very interesting results. Not least among these was the fact that more than half of respondents aged 15 - 35 have already responded to mobile marketing. 
Among other findings which probably wont surprise many in the mobile marketing business were the facts that people are inseparable from their mobiles, with 78% having their mobile switched on all waking hours; 52% of people flirt on their mobiles; and that mobiles are seen as the most personal piece of technology.
A release from Proximity promoting the survey advises companies using mobile marketing to seek permission; only send content which has value for the consumer; and integrate mobile with other media to stimulate engagement with the whole campaign.
A project called The Lab, with an associated blog have been established off the back of the survey. The blog is well worth a look.