Wise Data Media Unveils Predictive Bid Technology

wise data mediaAI-driven bid management system Wise Data Media has revealed a new proprietary predictive bidding technology, Wise Air, that aims to optimise digital marketing campaign pre-bidding.

The technology will enabled companies and campaign managers dealing with programmatic real-time advertising to know what to buy, when to buy, and how much to buy, prior to their purchases.

Wise Air uses artificial intelligence to power its real-time bid management system that can be integrated with any front-end RTB stack. The technology has a recommender engine that offers predictions on how to improve on each campaign and has a hands-free system that automates data entry.

In addition, Wise Air can be deployed at any scale, from small and mid-sized DSPs up to ad networks, agency trading desks and beyond. The system works for campaign on both open and private exchanges, and for ad campaigns running on curated third-party data.

“We are delighted to introduce Wise Air to the digital marketing industry and to those running marketing campaigns via all digital channels,” said Tomer Sade, CEO of Wise Data Media. “With the launch of our new predictive technology, we are responding to the growing demand of companies and campaign managers who are in need of a bid management system that offers optimal artificial intelligence.

“This means generating real-time recommendations that will produce the most meaningful results for effective campaigns, and this is what Wise Air delivers.”

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