Withings and Doro In Connected Health Partnership

Handset-maker Doro has entered into a partnership with wellness device and application specialist, Withings. The agreement provides for two of Withings connected medical devices – the Smart Body Analyzer and the Pulse Smart Activity Tracker – to work with the Doro Liberto 810 smartphone, enabling users, or their designated family member, to monitor and measure changes to certain vital signs.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is a wireless weighing scale that measures weight, body fat ratio and heart rate. It also checks air quality through ongoing monitoring of room temperature and carbon dioxide levels. 

The Withings Pulse Smart Activity Tracker is a small device that captures ‘activity data’ throughout the day in relation to steps, calories burned, elevation climbed and distance travelled. It also records heart rate, and can record sleep patterns. This data syncs with the user’s Doro Liberto to help users gain a better insight into their health and activity levels.

“We see this partnership extending our market reach to the older target group,” said Withings CEO, Cedric Hutchings. “It also demonstrates that both smartphones and products like ours are here to make lives easier. As we age, it becomes all the more important to track our weight, activity and blood pressure – we want these experiences to be both friendly and easy. In this, we have the same objectives as Doro.”

Doro’s mission is to enrich the lives of seniors around the world by introducing easy-to-use technology, in an accessible manner, that can answer their everyday health and wellbeing needs. The company says the partnership with Withings is a key milestone in the realisation of that vision.

From 1 October until the end of the year. Doro Liberto 810 customers across Europe will be offered a 10 per cent discount on the price of any Withings Pulse Activity Tracker, Smart Body Analyser WS-50 or Wireless Scale WS-30 when bought via Withings’ web store.