Women are 60 per cent more likely to view mobile content before buying a car

Woman on smartphoneFemale car buyers are more than 60 per cent more likely to watch video content on their mobile phones than men, according to research by automotive video services company CitNow.

According to a survey of 2,000 consumers – 1,001 women and 999 men – women are driving demand for mobile video within the car industry, with nearly three quarters of female car buyers would be more comfortable buying a vehicle if video was used by the dealership.

This is important because research has found that 43 per cent of women don’t trust the automotive industry, and yet they influence 85 per cent of car-buying decisions. So, it’s fair to say that car dealerships need to have women on their side – and mobile video looks like the best way to do this.

“It’s clear that there is room for improvement of how comfortable women feel in the car-buying process and an understanding of how they shop is crucial to addressing this,” said Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNow UK.

“Ask any retailer and they’ll agree that effective communication and trust are two of the most important elements of the car-buying process and our latest research proves that mobile video can be a major factor in establishing both.”