UK landmarks embrace Womens Football in new social-first campaign

Barclays Women’s Super League (WSL) and Barclays Women’s Championship have unveiled a new social-first campaign taking over British landmarks to celebrate the Women’s Football weekend.

Coinciding with four major fixtures across the weekend, the creative leverages CGI to transform renowned landmarks across the UK.

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For example, for the Everton v Liverpool match, a banner will appear from the summit of Radio City Tower in Liverpool.

Meanwhile, the Manchester derby will see two towering high-rise lockers, proudly branded in the distinctive colours of the two hometown teams.

The iconic Roker Pier and Lighthouse will also transform to feature a half-and-half Sunderland and Durham scarf, while Regent Street will be draped in West Ham v Chelsea flags.

The campaign has been launched in an effort to promote women’s football during the hiatus in the men’s domestic game, in hopes to capture a new audience.

Barclays Women’s Super League and Barclays Women’s Championship, CEO, Nikki Doucet, said: “Women’s Football Weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year for our sport and is a great opportunity to showcase the talented teams and players we have in our leagues.

“The weekend is a window into the elite level of women’s football, and we hope it draws more people in to engage with the sport going forward.”

The campaign has been created by creative agency WING in partnership with sister digital content studio, Little Dot Sport.