WoodWing Announces Support for Adobe CS 5.5

Hot on the heels of Adobes announcement of its .5 upgrade to the Creative Suite 5, WoodWing has announced that its digital publishing solutions will be fully compatible with Adobes new software. 

Creative Suite 5.5 is due to ship within the next 30 days, according to Adobe, and WoodWing says compatible versions of its solutions are “close to beta”.

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 will offer new features for mobile publishing. Flash, HTML5, audio, video, and app-creation will all gain from the release. 

“The new version of the Adobe Creative Suite further extends the base foundation on which our solutions, such as our cross-media publishing system Enterprise, are built,” says Erik Schut, president of WoodWing Software. “In conjunction with the release of Adobe CS 5.5, our solutions will help publishers improve the efficiency of their production processes for periodical publications even more, regardless of whether theyre print or digital. This is particularly important, as tablet publishing is becoming an integral part of every publishers daily business.”

Creative Suite 5.5 has features that are especially designed for tablet publishing. WoodWings Tablet Publishing Solution will offer additional panels in InDesign to assist with the process of creating magazines for tablet computers.