WoodWing Announces Support for HP TouchPad

Tablet publishing specialist WoodWing Software has announced support for the HP TouchPad tablet, unveiled by HP on 9 February at its Think Beyond launch event in San Francisco. 

During the launch event, digital editions of Time Magazine, PEOPLE Magazine and Sports Illustrated, all created with WoodWing´s tablet publishing solution, were shown on the device. WoodWing developed a native Reader App for HP webOS to enable publishers to also serve their readers using webOS devices.

“I am very impressed with the HP TouchPad – its nicely built, very user-friendly and it looks simply great,” says WoodWing president, Erik Schut. “But what a technical person like me appreciates the most is that HP webOS supports native HTML5. This is a great basis for now and the future. As it is part of our strategy to support all platforms relevant for our customers, we are pleased to include the webOS platform for publishers at this early stage.”

WoodWing’s tablet-publishing solution comprises the cross-media publishing system Enterprise – including the content management application Content Station – and WoodWing’s Digital Magazine Tools. The solution delivers an efficient tablet-publishing workflow and says WoodWing, offers publishers of any size the ability to deliver an outstanding user experience on the various tablet devices, through the use of native Reader Apps. A new Multi-Screen feature enables publishers to create content for multiple devices “almost effortlessly”.

The number of apps created with WoodWing´s Digital Magazine Tools has grown to over 175, and publishers worldwide have produced more than 2,000 digital issues, with well over 1m downloads per month. Around 25 new publications are brought to a tablet device using WoodWing´s solution each month. There’s a continuously-updated list of published apps here.