WoodWing Puts German Daily on the iPad

WoodWing Software has revealed that the Frankfurter Rundschau, a German daily newspaper owned by the M. DuMont Schauberg media group, is publishing its daily iPad app with WoodWings Digital Magazine Tools software.

The app offers a tablet-compliant, reader-friendly user interface. In portrait mode, it focuses more on the text, while in landscape mode, the app offers multimedia features such as images, interactive graphics, audio and video. Hotspots and scrollable text columns enable readers to capture comprehensive information even in landscape mode. Readers can also access the Frankfurter Rundschau news ticker from within the app. Additional features will be introduced in the next few weeks.

It also provides readers with interactive puzzles such as Sudoku. These are implemented based on HTML5 as widgets, and can be played from within the app. The corresponding technology is available as part of version 1.4 of WoodWings Digital Magazine Tools.

Using WoodWings Digital Magazine Tools, newsroom editors decide which stories from the print edition will be published on the iPad. The app also offers exclusive content created for the iPad edition. The digital edition is created by a dedicated layout team, while the photo editor collects additional images that will appear only in the iPad app edition.

“Its been a challenge to adapt the production of a daily iPad app to the processes of a daily newspaper, characterized by very tight deadlines and high actuality,” says Eric Dauphin, head of the online department at Frankfurter Rundschau. “WoodWings iPad solution fits perfectly into our existing production environment, so we were able to map the workflow very well.”

The content for the iPad App is passed directly from CoreMedia, Frankfurter Rundschau’s existing content-management system, on to WoodWing´s content management application, Content Station, which is part of WoodWing´s iPad publishing solution.

The iPad edition is available on the eve of the day of publication of the print edition, and can be downloaded from the apps built-in kiosk feature. Currently, customers can download individual issues. An optional subscription model is in the works.