WoodWing Updates Digital Magazine Tools Software

WoodWing Software has released V1.6 of its Digital Magazine Tools soloution for the creation of digital publications for tablet devices.

The new release adds support for subscriptions, optimizes the download of digital publications and offers new APIs, enabling publishers to further enhance the reader experience.

Using the app, readers can now log into their subscription licence to access the issues theyre eligible to download. Publishers can promote subscriptions via in-app advertisements, and readers can subscribe to the publication from within the app.

When downloading digital publications, readers will see enhanced feedback about the process. The status of the download is shown in percentage terms, and readers are informed about the content being transferred and installed on their tablet device. In addition, interrupted downloads can be resumed from the point where they were paused. Publishers can also protect their readers from downloading their digital publication using a 3G mobile connection, either by displaying a warning message, or by excluding this option entirely.

The new APIs include a Navigation API that allows a publisher to redefine how to navigate to various elements of the digital publication, such as sections, stories and pages. This API can be used to create custom navigation tools. A new Gesture API allows publishers to add their own custom gestures to their Reader app. In combination with the Navigation API, says WoodWing, this enables powerful new functions to be created.

“We are very happy with the success of our Digital Magazine Tools,” says WoodWing president, Erik Schut. “In October alone, 21 new apps created with our solution have been made available in Apples App Store. The new version 1.6 of our Digital Magazine Tools is a big step forward, providing our customers with important new features for the economic success of their tablet publishing business.”

WoodWing´s tablet publishing solution supports both Adobe CS4 and CS5, allowing publishers to create digital publications leveraging existing teams and skills, and enables them to publish on a regular – even daily – basis.

To date, WoodWing customers have created approximately 70 apps and produced more than 500 digital publications using WoodWing´s Digital Magazine Tools. There’s a list of iPad apps created using Digital Magazine Tools here.