WoodWing Updates Tablet Publishing Tools

Digital magazine publishing company WoodWing has announced an update to its Enterprise cross-media publishing solution. 

The update takes Enterprise to version 7.4, and adds features such as a new new multi-channel text editor and a Newsfeed Publisher inside Content Station to efficiently publish to feed-based mobile channels.

The company has also updated its iPad Reader App to version 2.0. 

Enterprise 7.4 incorporates Content Station 7.4. This update features a new universal text editor, enabling content producers to address any publication channel directly from within a single application, says WoodWing. 

Content Station 7.4 has been further enhanced with Newsfeed Publisher, enabling publishers to push breaking news from their editorial system to online channels and mobile apps in a fast and efficient manner. Mobile apps for the iPhone and Android – developed by app company The Saints – can display the content live.

The company has also updated the Smart Connection element to Enterprise. This allow designers to easily structure complex contents in a reader-friendly, concise manner, says WoodWing.

WoodWings iPad Reader App will be able to use these complex structures, with new support for nested interactivity features and enhanced sharing options. Publishers can now also prompt the reader to register via the app.