WorkJam acquires Peerio for enhanced digital security

WorkJam, a  digital workplace solutions provider, has announced the acquisition of Peerio Technologies, which creates employee communication software for encrypted file sharing and messaging between employees. By merging the two platforms, WorkJam aims to prioritize security in its existing communication technology, which includes live chat, channels and messaging. The company also wants to provide employees with a safer way of sending and receiving data both within the workplace and out in the field.

“As you know, we have a digital workplace platform that allows an employer to create a digital relationship with their non-desk workers, and what Peerio is able to add to WorkJam would be complete end-to-end encrypted chat and file sharing,” said Steven Kramer, CEO and co-founder of WorkJam. “So, when you think about deploying a digital workplace that’s not only scaled, but also a large organization, security has to be top of the line.”

Peerio provides higher levels of security than traditional enterprise-grade communication applications, and implements stricter security standards than the military, healthcare, financial services, and legal sectors. Prior to the acquisition, Peerio was also used by journalists covering stories in foreign countries who needed a secure way to send their information back to their publications.

“When it comes to communicating with a large, dispersed group of non-desk workers, control over data security is everything. Organizations can no longer afford the immense risk of their employees using unsanctioned and unsecure communication systems that cause a company to lose control over its confidential data and the personal data of its employees,” said Kramer. “With the addition of Peerio, WorkJam now provides the most secure digital workplace platform available — a platform that exceeds the most demanding security standards any enterprise could have when it comes to communicating with their workforce.”

In 2019, WorkJam plans to expand its client base in N.America and Europe, and is already live in 17 countries. Kramer hopes to continue breaking down the traditional silos that exist within an organization by adding more functionality and cross-pollenating the concepts of communication and operations.

“By the end of Q1 or early Q2, Peerio will be 100 per cent integrated into WorkJam. We will be able to provide direct encrypted chat between peers, group chats, and targeted chatrooms, all within the constructs of WorkJam,” said Kramer. “This will map to an organization’s hierarchy, and also tie in with the back office. So, if someone is hired, they automatically gain access to the appropriate information.”

The acquisition will allow Peerio to provide WorkJam customers three specific types of safe communication: live chat, channels and messaging. Live chat allows corporate and frontline team members to send secure instant messages and files in real time. The messaging feature delivers encrypted information straight to an employee’s inbox. Lastly, the channels feature acts as a workplace forum, where employees can post to a specific area of non-desk workforce or by topic. Employees may then interact with these posts by adding comments or likes. Peerio also brings to the table a desktop app, which will allow desk workers to be more connected to their non-desk colleagues.

“We couldn’t be more proud to join forces with a company like WorkJam,” said Vincent Drouin, founder and CEO of Peerio. “The team shares in our mission to provide simple and secure communication for everyone. Together, we will drive the future of enterprise communication and collaboration in the Digital Workplace.”