Workshop Week Previews: DigitaLoft, Mapp, TRGT

David Murphy

Masterclassing’s Workshop Week, in which our partners will deliver a total of 18 Workshop sessions over three mornings, starts a week today. Here we continue our preview of the sessions with a closer look at Workshops hosted by DigitaLoft, Mapp and TRGT. Each session lasts for 45 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 25 UK-based, senior brand delegates.

Session: A Proven Process For Better Digital PR Campaign Ideas
Host: DigitaLoft
Date: Tues 17th
Time: 10.15am
Digital PR success starts with a great idea, but there's no hiding the fact that many marketers find the ideation phase of a campaign the hardest part. At least in terms of coming up with great ideas that perform time after time. So then, how can you come up with strong ideas that perform well? And how can you validate these to have the confidence that your campaign will deliver the results that you need to see?

In this workshop, led by DigitaLoft MD and Founder James Brockbank, you'll learn a proven process for coming up with awesome ideas and validating these to consistently launch campaigns that get people talking about you.
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Session: Email Marketing: You Are Measuring It Wrong!
Host: Mapp
Date: Weds 18th
Time: 9am
Using standard email metrics as a measure of healthy email marketing is like weighing yourself as a measure of healthy lifestyle. Join this webinar, led by Ricardas Montvila, Senior Director, Global Strategy at Mapp, to learn what role email plays in meeting consumer expectations and what value it delivers to your brand beyond opens and clicks. At the end of this session, you will be armed with practical email marketing improvement tactics that you will be able to start implementing immediately.

What we will cover:

• Hear how using quick-win tactics will only produce average results

• Learn how email can be much more than driving traffic to your store

• See the best email tactics in action proven to boost results.

• Discover how focusing on actionable insights will provide the big leap ‎‎‎‎‎forward that you’re after.

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Session: 7 Key Considerations for Paid Social in 2021
Host: TRGT
Date: Thurs 19th
Time: 11.30am
Using data from across 70 clients, more than £6m in monthly ad spend and years of experience in the industry, TRGT have compiled their top tips for getting the most out of your paid social campaigns in the coming year, focusing on the areas where you can drive the biggest difference in performance. In this workshop TRGT CEO Patrick Nancarrow will provide useful actions that you can put straight into use and other things that can help you plan to get the most out of your performance marketing budget in 2021.
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There’s more information on these and all the sessions in Masterclassing Workshop Week here.