World Cup Boosts Djuzz Games Downloads

The World Cup helped mobile media company BuzzCity increase the number of games downloaded from its mobile gaming portal Djuzz by 295 per cent in June to 8.3m, while the number of unique visitors rose by 335 per cent to 14.8m.

Prior to the World Cup, football games, including Footballz, Euro Football, Footballz 2009 and Footballz Africa Edition, averaged a 64 per cent growth in monthly downloads, but between May and June, this grew to an average growth of 709 per cent. Apart from the World Cup, other sporting events such as The Indian Premier League, World Twenty20 and various international cricket tournaments in the first six months of the year also saw increased downloads of cricket games such as 20-20 Cricket and Cricket League of Champions, by consumers in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Djuzz, which launched six months ago, currently has 5,200 games available for download, spread across 29 categories and created by 70 game developers and publishers. The Djuzz Catalogue, BuzzCity’s free app store solution, has attracted more than 200 partners to date, including operators, handset manufacturers, games developers and media houses.

In order to meet demand from users around the world, the Djuzz interface is now available in a range of languages, including English, French, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese. Soon to be launched are Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese versions. Since January 2010, Djuzz has served 12.8m games to a total of 22.6m unique visitors and average daily users of the portal have now reached 490,000.

“The impact of the World Cup on mobile games downloads across the world has been significant,” says BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai. “Footballz 2009 had fallen out of the Top 10 but made a comeback this month, with high downloads from users in S. Africa, Ghana, Kenya and the US. The seasonality of games is something that developers can take advantage of to boost the number of downloads for their games.”

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