World Cup Sees McDonalds Twitter Trend Globally Promoted

fryfutbolIn a campaign timed to coincide with the launch of the 2014 World Cup, McDonalds has created the first ever globally promoted Twitter trend, placing #FryFutbol at the top of Twitters trending chart in 57 different countries.

Working with both Twitter and ad agency OMD, McDonalds has been planning the campaign for several months, which began with a discussion around how to implement a promotion on a worldwide scale. The trending topic is part of a wider FryFutbol campaign, and is primarily aimed at encouraging consumers to download McDonalds Gol! app, which uses iOS and Android cameras to create an augmented reality football game.

The campaign also involves a series of videos of animated French fries recreating famous moment from previous World Cup tournaments, and sees McDonalds French Fry boxes decked out in World Cup colours, the first time they have ever been changed from their traditional red.

“Our ambition is to deliver a truly unique digital experience for our customers with the McDonalds Gol! Trick-shot App,” said Atif Ratiq, McDonalds chief digital officer in a statement to TechCrunch. “Twitter has become a companion to live viewing, especially during major sporting events like the World Cup. Through our activation on Twitter, using the hashtag #FryFutbol, fans can connect in real-time during the tournament and join the conversation and excitement surrounding the World Cup.”