Wot No Head of Mobile?

Research from mobile technology firm Mobile Distillery indicates that 93% of FTSE 100 companies are failing to fully recognise the importance of the mobile channel. According to the companys research into FTSE 100 companies, only 7% employ a Head of Mobile or Mobile Strategist. 
Mobile is a fairly new channel compared to the Internet and it seems its still very much finding its feet, says Eric Lemarchal, Co-founder and COO of Mobile Distillery. Its great to see that 7% already recognise the importance and potential of this channel, but theres much more that can be done across the board to demonstrate the benefits coherent mobile strategies can bring to marketing, sales and customer service.
Lemarchal adds that for mobile to be an effective business channel, it requires C-level attention and clear delegation to make it work.
Nick Lane, Chief Analyst at mobile research firm mobileSQUARED, notes that it took brands and businesses 15 years to grasp online, and says they cannot afford to wait a similar period before taking the mobile channel seriously.
At least 5% of a companys online traffic is already being generated from a mobile device, and that figure will only increase, says Lane. Mobile is too powerful a medium for businesses to ignore and (they) should now look to have a Head of Mobile if they havent already employed someone in that position.