Wunderlist Hits a Million

Wunderlist, the multi-platform task management app has clocked up its 1 millionth registered user. Berlin-based app developer 6Wunderkinder achieved the milestone earlier this month, just nine months after the app’s launch.

Wunderlist is currently sitting at around 2.5m downloads across mobile and desktop platforms. The desktop version is now available in 30 languages, while the mobile app is available in 16 languages, with more to come. Wunderlist has been featured as the ‘App of the Week’ on iTunes in Germany, Russia, Mexico and the US, and received the same nod on the iPhone App Store in almost 70 other countries. 

“This is such a massive milestone for 6Wunderkinder and Wunderlist,” says  Christian Reber, founder and CEO. “Simply to reach 1m registered users before the app is even a year old is amazing, but to have done it quicker than companies like Evernote, Twitter and Foursquare did, and by such a huge difference, is just incredible.”