X2 in Pukka Footie Tie-up

X2 Games has announced details of an exclusive marketing partnership with matchday snack favourite Pukka Pies, to support the X2 Football 2010 game for iPhone and iPod touch. The tie-in sees Pukka Pies branding appear on in-game advertising hoardings and X2 Football 2010 aligned as Pukka Pies’ choice of game for this year’s World Cup.

The ancillary support offered by the mutual deal will see co-promotion of both brands across several online properties, including Facebook fan pages, official websites for both Pukka Pies and X2 Games and prominence on Pukka Pies’ England Band microsite.

“This deal is the first of several we have lined up for X2 Football 2010 and underlines the growing importance of brand extension in the modern gaming environment,” says X2 Games’ David Bancroft. “As Pukka Pies looks to extend into the iPhone space, we benefit directly from its support across websites and social media and as such, we get to spread the values of X2 Football 2010 to new audiences.”

X2 Football 2010 is available to download now from the App store, priced at £3.99.