Xandr launches Xandr Monetize sell-side platform

Xandr, AT&T’s advertising and analytics firm, has launched Xandr Monetize, a sales platform built on AppNexus technology. At&T said the platform offers content owners improved monetization, through better inventory management capabilities, data-driven yield optimization, and differentiated buyer demand.

“Xandr is a trusted partner to media companies, attuned to their challenges and innovating in support of their growth. Now, with the size, scale, and resources of AT&T, we are uniquely positioned to offer the scaled, streamlined selling platform the industry needs,” said Ryan Christensen, SVP of product at Xandr. “With the launch of Xandr Monetize, our future is primed for collaboration that expands and enriches what media companies offer their advertisers and consumers.”

Xandr Monetize encompasses all the features of the former AppNexus seller products, including an ad server, supply-side platform (SSP), and yield analytics, and also has TV capabilities. The platform works across all inventory and transaction types, as well as demand channels.

“The reality for premium publishers in today’s market is that the major platforms are self-interested, yet Xandr’s goals have been consistently aligned with publishers on the open internet,” said Carsten Schwecke, chairman of Media Impact, the joint marketing organization of Axel Springer and Funke Mediengruppe. “By collaborating closely with us to differentiate our business and innovating to offer buying the way that advertisers want it, Xandr has enabled us to thrive outside of closed ecosystems. Through premium deals and holistic demand channel management, Xandr Monetize sets us up to strategically optimize global revenue,”

Xandr Monetize rounds out Xandr’s platform offering of strategic buying and selling solutions. The direct path between Xandr Invest, the strategic buying platform, and Xandr Monetize facilitates scaled buying and unique demand from AT&T.  Xandr Monetize also allows media companies to sell their inventory through Community, Xandr’s curated premium advertising marketplace. Access to Community is available solely through Xandr Invest.

Xandr also aims to tackle the challenges that digital video buyers and sellers face today. The introduction of Programmatic OTT with Prebid brings programmatic demand to TV by enabling competitive separation across multiple SSPs, on Connected TV devices and other digital TV inventory. The company claims its Programmatic OTT with Prebid solution offers greater control on par with TV norms, including brand safety and frequency capping, while supporting simultaneous competition for inventory by all programmatic demand. It is available through real-time bidding and deals.

“Developed with our sales needs in mind, Programmatic OTT with Prebid will be essential to better managing inventory within client campaigns and realizing higher yield for our premium content,” said Amit Chaturvedi, EVP, head of revenue operations & ad products at WarnerMedia Ad Sales. “We have already tested it and are very excited to deploy this capability across the WarnerMedia digital portfolio.”

The launch of Xandr Monetize also introduces Prebid Server Premium, Xandr’s simplified server-side header bidding solution, for both SSP and ad server customers. As server-side header bidding opens new channels of header bidding demand and improves site performance, Prebid Server Premium simplifies setup and increases operational efficiency through reporting insights across formats and a single source of clearing across SSPs.

The platform also offers Programmatic Guaranteed, allowing publishers to pre-agree with, and execute on, reserved delivery commitments with programmatic buyers without compromising control over how their inventory is monetized.