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Yahoo! Adds Voice Search to iPhone App

David Murphy

Yahoo! has upgraded its Yahoo! Mobile iPhone app to include voice search, which enables consumers to speak their search queries to get quick, relevant answers simply by speaking their query.
Yahoo! notes that while most mobile voice recognition systems are specific to vertical categories such as local listings, oneSearch with voice lets consumers perform searches for virtually any kind of query.
The Yahoo! oneSearch with voice application is currently available on more than 80 different devices and across platforms including Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile and the iPhone, with support in eight languages.
As mobile devices become more sophisticated, mobile media consumption is increasing, the company says. Over 45% of people who have bought a device in the last six months have browsed the Internet or downloaded an application, according to comScore. As this penetration continues, mobile search is playing an increasingly important part of peoples mobile Internet experience, with ease-of-access and discoverability a key factor in consumers getting what they want, when they want it.
 oneSearch returns results in categories rather than a list of links. For example, search for Formula 1 and results are divided into the latest race results, the drivers table, the constructors table, images, web pages and so on.
The Yahoo! Mobile iPhone app can be downloaded through the iPhone app store. Users with devices on other platforms can download the app by visiting on their  mobile browser.
Additionally, Yahoo! has also announced a Yahoo! oneSearch shortcut for Windows Mobile in 21 countries, providing mobile users with one-click access to the search box.