Yahoo creates avatar-making experience to celebrate Dune movie launch

To celebrate the release of action adventure movie Dune, Yahoo has created an immersive experience, accessible at, where users can create a Dune-inspired avatar by simply uploading a selfie.

This is then transformed into a 3D, stylised version of themselves that can be viewed in Augmented Reality (AR) and in over 500 partner VR apps, so you can see how your avatar looks on your windowsill or your laptop’s mousepad, for example. Each avatar can be customised with several specially made outfits worn in the movie, including the ‘stillsuits’ worn by the Fremen that allow them to survive for weeks in the deserts of Arrakis; armour worn by the warriors of House Atreides and their mortal enemies House Harkonnen; as well as a number of accessories from characters across the movie.

Once their avatar has been created, users can access a metaverse through Ready Player Me, a cross-platform avatar creation tool designed to give those in the digital space the opportunity to utilise their avatar across different apps and experiences. Additionally, the experience will be available across Xbox via a custom Xbox landing experience. There’s also a QR code that enables users to explore the avatar experience across mobiles.

The experience is part of a partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Entertainment and Hearts & Science internationally across Europe, South America and the USA.

It is available in nine markets – UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Canada & USA – to coincide with the release of Dune in movie theatres.