Yahoo Advertising taps AI to launch Yahoo Creative

Yahoo Advertising has launched a new data-driven ad creative solution, Yahoo Creative.

The tool, which leverages AI to customise creative executions across the open web based on the individual viewing the ad, utilises Yahoo’s Identity Solution and is powered by opted-in direct consumer relationships and a first-party dataset of over 50 million users across Australia and Southeast Asia.

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It operates across various channels, including CTV, mobile, display, DOOH, and more, the company revealed.

Yahoo Creative Head and VP, Tony Gemma, said: “Yahoo Creative represents a key advancement in creative within our industry.

“By bringing together Innervate’s cutting-edge technology, and integrating our robust data and creative services, Yahoo Creative is transforming the potential for creativity, and delivering superior results for advertisers.”

Yahoo Creative is available globally, integrated with the Yahoo DSP, and can also be used by advertisers with other DSP or media-buying platforms.

Yahoo Chief Revenue Officer, Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, added: “In today’s cookie-less landscape, dynamic, relevant, and engaging creative is critical for campaign success.

“Yahoo Creative represents a major technological advancement, combining AI, data, and human expertise to usher in a new era of creative for advertisers. It empowers brands to achieve greater personalisation and engagement, driving superior campaign results.”