Yahoo Developing a Mobile Search Engine Without Bing?

A selection of the Bing-free search pages leaked by Business Insider
A selection of the Bing-free search pages leaked by Business Insider

Yahoo may be working on its own search engine that no longer relies on Microsofts technology.

The company signed a deal with Microsoft in 2009 to use Bing for its search business, after a five-year period where the search engine had been based on in-house technology.

Business Insider has posted leaked screenshots of a Yahoo mobile search page without the Powered by Bing its results have shown since the Microsoft deal kicked in in 2010, suggesting that the company may be preparing to bring search in-house again – though the results do appear to be the same as those from the current Bing-based search.

Its also worth noting that the screenshots are all from a mobile device. Business Insider reports it was told by an inside source that Yahoo has recently built its own mobile search engine, and points out that Yahoos deal with Microsoft didnt specifically cover mobile search. Although it has been using Bing on mobile, Yahoo could split its search offering between desktop and mobile.

If true, this would be yet another effort to diversify Yahoos offering spearheaded under CEO Marissa Mayer. The company is not going through the strongest period financially, having cut as many as 900 jobs since last October – 200-300 of them as a result of shuttering its Chinese operations.

But according to analyst Morgan Stanley, the company needs to further reduce its staff numbers by around 11 per cent if it hopes to keep EBITDA flat – equivalent to another 1,400 employees.