Yahoo! Integrates GetJar Apps in Mobile Search Queries

Yahoo! is starting a test integration of GetJar apps into Yahoo! mobile search queries, to make it easier for people to discover the apps they’re looking for on their mobile. Yahoo! is the first search engine to pursue this kind of integration and GetJar says it is thrilled by the news, which will make app discovery faster, easier, and simpler, regardless of handset, country, or platform. The integration is being tested in the US, and will be expanded to more countries in 2011.

When a Yahoo! users conduct a search on, the relevant mobile apps from GetJar will be displayed within the Yahoo! mobile search results. For example, if the search term is ‘Sports’, the Yahoo! mobile search result will display a cluster of GetJar apps that are relevant to the search query ‘Sports’, in addition to the web results. This particular search would yield ‘Sports Brush’, ‘Sports News’ and ‘CBS Sports Mobile’. Please be sure to give us feedback or share your opinion once your app has been indexed in Yahoo! mobile search queries.

To make the most of Yahoo! mobile searches, app developers who are not already on GetJar should submit their apps to GetJars Developers Zone. App developers who have already submitted apps on GetJar should update the apps meta data with text and descriptions that will enable search engine discovery, so that when a Yahoo! mobile user searches with a relevant keyword, Yahoo! Search will trigger the app to show up in the search results.

In a separate announcement, GetJar has revealed that mobile games developer Tequila Mobile doubled the number of downloads of its free mobile game Warships: Sea on Fire during a recent campaign it ran using GetJar’s Pay-Per-Download service. Of those who downloaded the game, 15 per cent were converted to paying customers.

Tequila Mobile‘s model is based on offering full versions of its games as a free download. Games have a proprietary in-app micropayment engine that allows players to buy optional virtual items within the game and submit scores to online leader boards where players compete for titles and prizes.

Tequila Mobile’s platform enables one-click micro-transactions inside any J2ME, Android or BlackBerry app. The solution supports 2,000+ handsets and provides in-house managed mobile billing with more than 360 operators in 80 countries worldwide. Aside from enabling micro-transaction within the games and apps, the platform also allows Tequila Mobile to introduce extra social features and maintain active and direct communication with users playing their games.

To boost download numbers, the company ran a series of campaigns where they bid aggressively to promote their game on GetJar. Over the course of several months, downloads doubled, clocking up 1.4m downloads over the course of the campaign.