Yahoo Introduces Publisher Monetisation Solution

yahoo recommendsYahoo has released its first product in a new suite of publisher solutions, bringing the personalisation technology it has developed for its own sites to other publishers across the internet.

The solution, called Yahoo Recommends, makes it easier for visitors to discover a publishers content and integrates an additional native advertising unit onto their site. According to Yahoo, the combination of personalisation and premium content is perfect for engaging users.

The solution is powered by Yahoos own personalisation technology, and can be deployed in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any site layout on PC or mobile, ensuring seamless integration with any site, and a fluid, relevant and transparent experience for readers.

The relevant, native format ads included in the solution help increase the quality of leads for advertisers, with premium and personalised ads served through Yahoo Gemini, the companys unified mobile search and native ad marketplace. The launch of Yahoo Recommends is the first time the platform has grown to carry inventory and serve ads beyond Yahoos own sites.

The solution has already been adopted by several digital publishers, including CBSi, VOX and Hearst. “We are pleased to be one of the first media companies to use Yahoo Recommends,” said Jim Lanzone, president and CEO of CBS Interactive. “The personalised content recommendations enable users to discover and engage with even more of CBS Interactives premium content.”