Yahoo Invests in More Mobile Photography Kit

In another sure sign that Yahoo is buying its way to being a mobile-first content creation hub, the company has bought out the makers of Photoforge2 and KitCam, two paid-for iOS photography apps.

Ghostbird software re-created its photo re-touching app Photoforge2 just six months ago and with its clean UI and a choice of 16 different tools to tweak you photos, was met with warm reviews. KitCam is a pre-edit tool, enabling users to manually adjust things like exposure and whitebalance. Existing users will be able to keep their apps, but no more updates will be made. The apps are no longer available to new customers.

It is likely that Yahoo will roll these features into the Flickr app, although a major redesign of the platform it acquired in 2005 was only made last month

Flickr + Tumblr + Summly + Astrid = win?