Yahoo Launches Gemini Mobile Ad Market

Tumblr geminiYahoo has gone live with its ad platform for buying and managing native ads on mobile and mobile search advertising in one place.

At CES back in January, the company announced that it would be bringing all of its ads assets under one roof, accessible through the existing self-service buying platform, Yahoo Ad Manager.

Yahoo is calling the Gemini platform the first unified marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. Looking at its competitors, with rival Google the undisputed king of search but without native content assets, and Facebook the in-stream ad champion but lacking search, it may well be right.

Mobile is Yahoos fastest-growing market segment and the company has made a range of big moves to take advantage of this in the past year. They include the launch of the Yahoo News Digest, plus Food and Tech digital magazines, all announced at CES, and redesigning Mail and its other mobile-first experiences.

The company is no doubt taking advantage of the tech and team acquired with the buyout of Admovate in July last year.