Yahoo Launches Major Web Redesign to Mirror App Experience

Yahoo has undertaken a major redesign of its desktop and mobile websites to bring them in line with its mobile app experiences, launching today for users in the US.

Everything from the Homepage and Mail, to its sports and entertainment sites have been given a refresh, including more close integration of some of its other owned assets, like Flickr. Mike Kerns, senior VP of homepage and vertical products, said: “Yahoo has always been about bringing you the very best of the web, and today we’re one step closer to creating a consistent experience across our sites.”

The company has chosen to keep its mobile and desktop sites separate – rather than using responsive design – and comparing the content offers on each platform, looks to have been a wise choice. Yahoo Sports on desktop features a full-page background image and lots of detailed coverage, but on mobile the company has a more concise, concertina layout of sports fixtures, choices of different sports and match results. 

Showing more use of picture-led content, Yahoo has brought user-generated Flickr photos of local weather conditions from its apps to its web weather platform. The swipe through news gallery on the Homepage is now image, rather than copy-led too.

Juliana Santarelli, senior product manager of mobile and emerging products, added: “Our focus is to ensure our sites maximise the available space on your phone’s screen, improve page performance and are available to our users regardless of what device you’re using.” The company says it has paid particular attention to ensuring that the sites will works for its global users, most of whom get access via feature phones.