Yahoo Mail Relaunches

Yahoo has relaunched its Mail experience across mobile and desktop to reflect the heavy use of email on the go.

The company has created a new web experience for people using their browser to check their email, along with updating its apps to unify the experience for all users. Yahoo has added a quick search function for filtering emails and now groups related messages together – especially useful for mobile users with a limited screen size.

The company has borrowed a number of quick-swipe actions familiar to smartphone users and deployed them cross-platform, including one-click actions for highlighting and deleting messages. It has also pinched the customisable inbox backdrop from the Yahoo Weather app, enabling users to select pictures curated from their Flickr account to be displayed cross-platform.

Speaking to Mobile Marketing, Yahoo did not rule out ads in-app if they could provide a good experience for its users. ” Yahoo is building best-in-class experiences across the mobile web and apps that make people’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining,” a spokesperson said. “We believe that mobile advertising should provide value to consumers – whether through content, entertainment or offers – and when this happens successfully it results in engagement, brand affinity and conversions.”