Yahoo! Overtakes Google on Desktop in the US

Yahoo attracted more visitors to its desktop sites than Google in the US during July, according to comScore data.

Yahoos various web properties attracted 196.6m unique visitors – 87.2 per cent of the total 225.4m Americans who used the web in July – compared to 192.3m for Googles sites.

This isnt just the companys search engines, but their full offerings, including news, email and maps. The two have been fairly close in the rankings for a while, so this might be a blip – it wasnt driven by Tumblr, which is still listed separately, in 28th place – but it certainly bodes well for Yahoo, which has recently made a swath of acquisitions, under the leadership of CEO Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo took an even wider lead in comScores Ad Focus rankings, with Google in fourth place behind ShareThis and Outbrain, though this is because Google doesnt feature adverts on all of its pages – the homepage, for example, is ad-free.

Its worth noting that these rankings are for desktop sites only, but they nonetheless provide an interesting view into the online landscape.