Yahoo Reverses Alibaba Spin-off Plans, Potential Sale Still Ahead

Yahoo-HQ-logo-IRL.jpgLast week, we reported on Yahoos plans to spin off its valuable stake in Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba into a new company, named Aabaco, leaving the core Yahoo business to potentially be sold off.

It has now officially announced that it will not be pursuing this course of action – but that the board is instead evaluating spinning off all other parts of the business to create a second publicly-traded company, the stock of which would be distributed pro rata to Yahoo shareholders.

The difference is nominal, but the decision seems to be primarily motivated by concerns regarding tax.

“Among other factors, we were concerned about the market’s perception of tax risk, which would have impaired the value of Aabaco stock until resolved,” said Maynard Webb, chairman of Yahoo’s Board of Directors. “However, in consideration of developments since the original spin off plan was announced and after significant deliberations, we are suspending work on the Aabaco spin off.”

The company still hasnt spoken out about the reports that these movements are intended to position Yahoo for a future sale, but nothing about the new plans seems to contract the rumours.