Yahoo: “The Tablet is Not a Completely Mobile Device”

78 per cent of tablet users use their device on a daily basis, according to research from Yahoo, presented this morning at Mobile Marketing Live by Yahoos head of research, Northern Europe, Patrick Hourihan.

Browsing is the most common activity, with 70 per cent accessing the web each day; followed by email (69 per cent), search (64 per cent), and news (62 per cent) – but whats perhaps most interesting is that all of these daily uses are higher on tablet than smartphone.

Its no secret that there are big differences between how the two are used, but one difference you might not have considered is audio. Tablets have the sound turned on 78 per cent of the time theyre used, according to Yahoo – 52 per cent through the built-in speakers and 26 per cent through headphones. And theres a good reason for that:

“The tablet is not a completely mobile device,” said Hourihan, “because the majority of usage is actually in the home.”

Unsurprisingly, the living room is the most popular place for using tablets, with 78 per cent of users get their device out while on the sofa. This puts the channel second only to TV in the living room, so its no surprise that second screening behaviour is so common – but according to Hourihan, it doesnt apply equally to all TV content: “For certain high-calibre premium TV programmes, like Homeland or Downton Abbey, people put the tablet down, or even put it another room, because they know its a disruptive device.”

The second most common room for tablet usage is the bedroom (46 per cent), where the channel comes second to  smartphones, but 25 per cent also use their tablet in the kitchen and eight per cent in the bathroom.