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YD Launches In-app Programmatic Advertising Solution for Travel Brands

David Murphy

[caption id="attachment_39210" align="alignleft" width="297"]Senf: Senf: "We’re finally opening the door for high performance, conversion-driven display campaigns on mobile devices"[/caption]

YD, the performance display advertising tech and services company, has launched its programmatic in-app revenue solution for travel companies.

The solution enables brand advertisers to target and retarget users with upselling and cross-selling offers when they move between various apps on mobile devices. To date, says YD, campaigns have revealed a 15 per cent increased engagement rate within apps, and a 10 per cent increase in app bookings.

YD’s solution combines HTML5 creative ad units with big-data analysis. This enables advertisers to employ ad units that update dynamically based on the profile of the individual customer. The goal is to extrapolate data on which products a user has searched for previously within the same or another app, then retarget them with a relevant ad. For example, an in-app search for an all-inclusive family holiday will automatically signal the ad creative to update to show a family enjoying themselves in the pool, at a family-friendly destination.

Impulse, YD’s performance display platform for advertisers is now mobile-agnostic, and compatible with all major operating systems. The associated analytics solution, Impulse Dashboard, provides actionable metrics on app usage and insights regarding the lifetime value of their customers.

“By extending our performance display platform (Impulse) with programmatic ads on mobile devices, we’re providing a full solution for advertisers to take control of their data; advertise on mobile and desktop with a high ROI; and generate more loyal customers,” said YD CEO, Mendel Senf. “We’re finally opening the door for high performance, intelligent and conversion-driven display campaigns on mobile devices for advertisers which have found themselves right in the middle of the mobile usage revolution.”