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Yeahmobi turns to Forensiq to fight ad fraud

David Murphy

Mobile ad platform Yeahmobi  has partnered with ad fraud detection and prevention firm Forensiq to help curb the effect of ad fraud across its platform.

Previously, Yeahmobi had its own solution to detect invalid web traffic, but working with Forensiq, it has been able to leverage its traffic quality and reason codes tools to make significant improvements in order to successfully block fraudulent sources.

Moving forward, Yeahmobi will turn to Forensiq to help ultimately eliminate fraudulent traffic from its platform in order to provide the most transparent reporting for its clients.

“Fraudulent traffic wastes an enormous amount of ad spend,” said Daisy Wu, VP of international business and stategic partnerships at Yeahmobi. “We believe anti-fraud efforts will boost the development of mobile marketing services. With Forensiq’s help, Yeahmobi is doing its part to establish a clean and transparent mobile marketing environment.”

Forensiq was acquired in 2016 by digital marketing firm Impact Radius, which subsequently secured $30m (£22.1m) in growth funding from Silversmith Capital Partners.