Yeo Valley launches connected packaging across Organic range

British dairy company Yeo Valley has rolled out connected packaging across all of its Organic products, giving consumers access to digital experiences related to the brand.

Consumers are able to use their smartphones to scan the ‘Moo-R’ QR codes on more than 100m Yeo Valley Organic products and discover product information, brand content, and future promotions.

The experiences – which link to the Yeokens reward program and have been created alongside SharpEnd as part of the ‘Put Nature First’ campaign – change based on the product, customer location, and the time of day.

“We’re pleased to bring our customers the next phase of experiences and rewards through this easy to use technology,” said Adrian Carne, Managing Director of Yeo Valley. “Using QR codes across our product family creates fast and seamless access to fantastic rewards and stages our content about putting nature first. We want to inspire others about the benefits of organic and how it’s one crucial factor in addressing our climate crisis.

“Our content will encourage everyone to put nature first in their own small way, whether that’s buying British organic dairy more often, reducing food waste or encouraging wildlife into their garden. It’s the little things that everyone can do to make a difference and that’s what we’ll be highlighting in our connected packaging.”