Yext looks toward tourism targeting with Chinese app integrations

Yext Chinese appsYext, a digital knowledge management platform, has integrated with a group of apps directed at Chinese travellers around the world to give businesses outside of China in control of the brand information provided by these services.

Baidu Map (Overseas), Fliggy, CK Map, and PIRT have been brought onboard as integrations into the Yext brand platform, giving businesses a way to provide Chinese travellers with critical business information that is correct and up-to-date, as they are unable to use services like Google due to the internet restrictions imposed by China.

“The Chinese digital landscape is made up of an entirely different set of services from those in the West. When Chinese travellers who use services like Baidu and Fliggy at home travel overseas, they use these same services to find businesses in the cities they are visiting,” said Howard Lerman, founder and CEO of Yext. “If a business’s information isn’t in these services, it is invisible to these potential customers. We’re integrating with some of the largest Chinese services so businesses using Yext can provide perfect answers to Chinese travellers.”

In addition to Yext’s integrations with Chinese apps, it has added a way for businesses to monitor and answer questions which have been asked by consumers on Google’s Q&A section within search results. Furthermore, it has opened up its AI-ready pages for general access. These pages enable businesses to create a smart landing page on their website for any entity stored in Yext with just a few clicks.