YOC Clocks Up 170m a Month

Full service mobile marketing agency the YOC Group has revealed that its UK media network is now serving more than 170 million monthly page impressions, 10 months after its launch in the UK market. Since its launch in July 2008, YOC UK has a number of publishing houses, media companies and online portals to its media network, including the latest addition, the mobile social network, peperonity.com. Other publishers include PC Advisor, Macworld, Pistonheads, What Car, Stuff.tv Auto Car, Teletext and 123play.com
YOC says it will provide and manage advertising sales for peperonity.com, supplying visitors to the site with targeted, relevant ads, and enabling the company to generate revenue from its mobile traffic using YOCs mobile ad-serving platform. Reciprocally, the addition of the high-traffic site to its network means that YOC is able to provide its brand and agency clients with extended and increasingly targeted reach for their mobile advertising campaigns.
Reaching 170 million monthly page impressions on our media network is a great achievement for YOC UK, and something that we intend to build on as 2009 continues, says .Christian Louca, UK Country Manager and Head of Publishers at YOC. The scale and breadth of our portfolio, now including one of the worlds largest mobile social networks, means that advertisers can be sure that whatever their message or target audience, they are getting the best value and reach from their mobile spend.